Kaz 1.2 Gal. Health Mist Humidifier

$27.99 (check price)

Household heating systems in the winter and air conditioners in the summer remove indoor air of its natural moisture. The lungs and respiratory tract are dependent on moisture to function effectively. The humidifier provides proper humidity levels to keep your respiratory system moist and helps relieve cold and flu symptoms and irritated and itching skin and eyes. Motor driven impeller draws up water through its pickup tube, then propels the water by centrifugal force against the screen and battle to provide a fine vapor which is released into the room air At the same time, the exclusive Kaz dyna filter air cleaning filter removes dust, pollen, odors, and tobacco smoke from the room air, removing 93 percent of particles as small as pollen Water fill channel for easy filling without removing cover Run time: 12 hour Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs


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Very happy with my new Kaz 1.2 Gal. Health Mist Humidifier. I'd been shopping for a new humidifier and found the prices to be very high from some retailers. I bought this Kaz 1.2 Gal. Health Mist Humidifier as it looks value and perfect at the same time. I use this humidifier when I attended a birthday party in our home and my family thought that it looked great!

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- Kaz 1.2 Gal. Health Mist Humidifier

Kaz 1.2 Gal. Health Mist Humidifier Reviews

Review #1

I LOVE THIS humidifier! It is super cute and stylish and functional. I gave it five stars because I love the style and the look, I really hope the company can redesign with more substantial material. If not someone will beat them to it I am sure. Style is great. I bought this Kaz 1.2 Gal. Health Mist Humidifier as a christmas gift for my daughter. It is just as described online. humidifier looks nice although i feel it's over priced. Should come with nicer packaging for the price.

Review #2

I have purchased several of these humidifier to give to friends and family. it looks more expensive than it is. I always point it out and it makes the gift recipient feel very special. It is nice! When they go on sale, this is a good gift to stock up on, everyone loves this gift! This humidifier definitely is on my list of favorite things! The color is real nice! The humidifier is perfect! This is the best humidifier that I bought online! Highly recommend.

Review #3

This humidifier feels good and looks good as well. This is the best humidifier I now own. Awesome gift! I was able to get this humidifier on sale around Christmas. Perfect gift for anyone! Customer service great as always! Well packaged, nice quality. Love it! A high quality humidifier. I'm going to order another one (or two, or three) and it would be a lovely gift.


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