MaxxAir 145-Pint Bucketless Portable Dehumidifier

$1159.00 (check price)

The MaxxAir 145-Pint Portable Dehumidifier is your solution for removing excess moisture from large areas such as a basement or humid, damp rooms in a home or commercial area. This dehumidifier efficiently removes 145 pints of moisture per day and features an automatic water pump with hose for easy water disposal. Our unit does not involve any kind of installation - just position the unit in the center of the room, plug it in, program your settings, and it's ready to go to work. Designed with portability in mind, our dehumidifier can be moved from location to location using the built-in wheels and telescopic handle. Carbon air filter intake removes impurities Removes 145 pints of moisture per day (at 90F, 90 percent RH) Electronic control panel with programmable relative humidity and temperature operation settings with hour counter Automatic water pump includes 25 ft. hose for convenient water disposal Rugged, lightweight rotational molded design 12 in. tires for ease of mobility Folding telescopic handle Stackable design Low grain R410A refrigerant 10 ft. LCDI plug Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs


Great MaxxAir 145-Pint Bucketless Portable Dehumidifier! I was surprised that it was so nicely packaged, and was such a good quality overall for the price. It looks like it cost a bit more. Did you know this web site have this dehumidifier from multiple retailers for you. The MaxxAir 145-Pint Bucketless Portable Dehumidifier in this page may be cheaper than others. Sometimes, you may find the lowest prices on the market from HERE!, However you should be check the shipping fee price from those shops before you decide to bu it from these retailers.

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Well packaged, nice quality. Love it! A high quality MaxxAir 145-Pint Bucketless Portable Dehumidifier. I'm going to order another one (or two, or three) and it would be a lovely gift. While it's not an expensive dehumidifier, MaxxAir 145-Pint Bucketless Portable Dehumidifier is better quality than what I would have expected for the cost. It's comfortable, sturdy, and good sized. The color is nice. Shipping was incredibly quick, and it got here almost faster than I'd expected. In short, I'll likely order more of the same dehumidifier in various colors.

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MaxxAir 145-Pint Bucketless Portable Dehumidifier Reviews


I was searching for a gift to send someone in a secret santa exchange and as soon as I saw this dehumidifier I knew it would be perfect! So cute! Simple and elegant. Bought one for myself and for a friend and she loved it. Nice dehumidifier with excellent value! I bought several of these in different designs as Christmas gifts and they were very well received! They thought it cost way more than they actually did.


When I saw this dehumidifier, I immediately thought that it's meant for me. My dear loved it so much. Looks more expensive than is it! The colors are beautiful, good material and reversible. I purchased the MaxxAir 145-Pint Bucketless Portable Dehumidifier and have received several compliments in the short time I've had it. You won't be disappointed with this dehumidifier.


I love love love this product. This is a wonderful dehumidifier. True to size, comfortable, Very pleased. I got this for my 25 year old daughter for work. She loves it! She ordered two more in different colors. Loved this dehumidifier a lot! A must own it! It's a good thing that I was able to find this MaxxAir 145-Pint Bucketless Portable Dehumidifier. and I really love this dehumidifier so much.


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